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“My family loves David.  He's a fantastic instructor.  My kids have been taking lessons from him for almost two years.  His patience is legendary and he has a great way of transferring fundamental golf lessons in a fun way that kids like."    


     -Patrick C. from San Jose, CA.


“I have taken golf lessons from many instructors and David is the best.  He is excellent at assessing weaknesses and giving you the proper techniques to practice to improve.  On top of that, he has the perfect personality to be an instructor.  He is encouraging and has infinite patience.  He is one in a million!"


     -Brenda D. from Saratoga, CA.


"David's instruction isn't a canned one-size-fits-all approach. He is versatile and can use different techniques & drills to help different students arrive at their optimum result.  Bottom line is with a handful of lessons over 12 months, David took me, a recreational golfer, from a high 90s player down to a 10-handicap."


      -Ed C. from San Francisco, CA.

"Over the years I have taken many golf lessons and David ranks is one of the best professional teachers I have every had the pleasure to work with.  He is very astute at figuring out just what you need to do to fix and or improve your game. You will not be disappointed in David and the odds are high you will become a better golfer."


     -Jerry H. from San Jose, CA


"Taking golf lessons can be intimidating.  Finding someone who you can communicate with in golf terms is important.  As a fairly new woman golfer, David made the process not only enjoyable but effective.  He has different ways to explain techniques, tools to use, and plenty of patience.  All needed with this not so easy game of golf!  Also, his videos are a great tool to revisit what you have learned along the way."


     -Josee F. from San Jose, CA.

David truly helped me to improve my game.  I had lessons from others over the years and I stayed about the same in skill.  After working with David, my swing changed in quality resulting in greater consistency, distance, and accuracy.  I am so disappointed that I will not be able to continue my work with David.  He also helped my husband who was struggling in his short game.  Last but not least, David worked magic with my young, shy granddaughter. She couldn't even hit the ball.  Now she gets distance, has sunk a few long putts, and loves his clinics.  We all will miss David's fantastic teaching ability. 


     -Sharon B. from San Jose, CA.

“David is the best golf instructor I have ever had.  He knows how to breakdown the fundamental of golf so golf makes sense.  Once I committed to believing my game could improve with constant practice and using the tips I learned from his lessons and clinics my game improved.  If you find you learn best by watching golf instructions on TV you need to watch his excellent YouTube videos.  I know I'll be making a few trips to wherever he will be teaching."    


     -Karen B. from Cupertino, CA.

“Dave has been a fantastic instructor for me, my wife and son.  He doesn't spend a lot of time analyzing and then trying to explain.  He makes it very easy to understand what you are doing right or wrong.  I have taken many lessons and Dave was the easiest to interpret how to do things properly.  The bottom line is, he gets it!  I have no problem in recommending Dave to any golfer at any level.  You will not be disappointed."  


     -Jeff H. from San Jose, CA.

“I have worked with several golf instructors during my 12 years of playing golf, and David is by far the best.  He's the only one who was able to both diagnose and fix my fundamental swing flaws (taking club inside on take-away and swinging too fast from the top).  Not only has my ball striking and scoring improved dramatically, I'm losing far fewer balls, now :)  David's the best."  


     -John P. from Saratoga, CA.

“David is such a great instructor - knowledgeable, perceptive, and fun.  He is able to apply drills and analogies that really stick so you don't forget the instruction between lessons.  My son, age 13, only wanted to learn from David.  As a periodic player, my swing became much more fluid and I feel much more in control of my pitching and chipping after just a half dozen lessons with David."  


     -Paul K. from San Jose, CA.

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